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CE Network Online Continuing Education

CE For Financial Services

Meeting the Needs of Financial Services Professionals

CE Network Inc. wants to make sure that's the last time this happens to you. Financial Services professionals tell us that their goals are straightforward:

  1. Improve client relationships.
  2. Save time.
  3. Make money.
  4. Obtain CE credits.

You want your mandatory Continuing Education to be as convenient and flexible as possible, and to help you with all of these goals. Our CE does.

CE Network Inc. provides Financial Services professionals with "CE that works" because:

  1. We focus on the bottom line.
    We draw on a network of expert practitioners for our course content. If something is not practical, topical, and immediately useful to you, it will not appear in a CE Network course.
  2. We will not waste your time.
    We provide a high-impact, stimulating learning experience in each highly focused one-hour course. You won't resent the time or money you pay for CE Network online courses, and we guarantee your satisfaction. See our Course Refund Policy.
  3. We equip you with skills and tools to help you make money and improve client relationships.
    CE Network courses bridge the gap between learning and doing, by giving you opportunities to test your understanding, and arming you with downloadable tools. The result? Building your professional knowledge and your career.
  4. It's accredited.
    You'll earn the CE credits you need, in order to maintain your licenses and designations. Whether you're under IDA, insurance, or CFP rules, CE Network has got you covered.