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Our Formula

CE Networks FormulaEvery CE Network course is designed to meet regulatory requirements of all bodies in the Canadian Financial Services Industry. But this is only part of what we offer.

Even without a CE credit, there is great value in our courses. Why? Because if something is not practical and of immediate value to the learner, we don't put it into a course. We focus on the most current, useful topics; and we provide explanations, examples, and downloadable tools that will help you to do your job better - right away.

Not just the right content - the best presentation, in order to maximize real learning. Our experts know how to design courses so that they are most accessible and most learnable.

Each course is one hour or more out of your busy life. We respect your time. Our design emphasizes keeping you stimulated, challenged, and actively involved. Guess what? That also makes it easier to learn.

Add it up, and you have a highly focused experience that you enjoy - and that pays immediate dividends in helping you do your job better