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What course formats does CE Network use?

There are 3 great ways to learn online. These courses are designed to engage different styles of learning by blending text, graphics, video and audio into 3 kinds of multimedia experiences.

The CE Tutorial takes a familiar learning format and makes it interactive. CE Tutorial presents each new topic in a separate module, adding challenging exercises, expert tips, interesting facts, and practical examples to support concepts.

The CE Scenario format takes a "problem-solving" approach to learning. You face realistic scenarios where specific issues need to be resolved. This format allows you to apply more than one concept simultaneously. Each scenario is designed to simulate practical situations and issues relevant to your day-to-day professional experience.

The CE Presents . . . format is built around high-quality video presentations with special practical applications. A learner might go out on a video "sales call" with an experienced rep, or eavesdrop on a roundtable discussion amongst seasoned professionals. Every video clip is "wrapped" in learning activities for before or after the video. In order to run a CE Presents… course, your computer requires a sound card, and your browser must have the Windows Media Player plug-in.

All formats contain "self check" quizzes that you must complete along with your course content in order to earn a CE credit.

Can I try a course before I register or purchase?

You can demo any course for free prior to purchasing or enrolling. To try a course before you register, click on "Courses" to browse the course catalogue. Click on any course title for a detailed course description. You can then click on:

for a demo

to purchase;

When you choose Buy it, you will be prompted to follow the simple steps to register and become a member.

How long does it take to complete a course?

It takes on average one hour to complete each credit in an online course, depending on the content. i.e. a three credit course will take an average of 3 hours. You are encouraged to learn at your own pace - spend more or less time on a topic according to your needs. To make it easy to fit with your schedule, courses are packaged into 30-60 minute modules, and you are not required to complete a course in one sitting. Our courses track your progress in a unique way. Each time you log out, your work will be saved, and your progress book marked.

How much time do I have to access the courses?

There is no time restriction placed on your access to a CE Network course. Once you enroll in a course, it becomes a permanent part of your CE Manager library. Once you've completed the course, you may return to it as often as you like for review.

How much do courses cost?

The price of each course is listed in the course catalogue. All courses listed in the catalogue can be purchased using your credit card. For further information on pricing secondary payment options and any special promotions, please contact our sales team at 1-866-444-1124 during regular business hours.