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CE Network Online Continuing Education

You're In Control of Your Continuing Education

You are an individual, with unique needs.

We try to give you as much control over - and direct involvement in - the learning experience as possible, because we know that:

  • You cannot pay attention if you're too tired.
  • You cannot learn if it's at an inconvenient time or place.
  • Every learner is not the same - and therefore different learning formats work better for different kinds of learner.
  • Every learner learns at a different pace.
  • The more active and involved you are as a learner, the more able you will be to apply what you learn.

You decide where, when, and how.
Access CE Network real estate continuing education courses and learning resources anywhere, any time of day or night, through an Internet connection (phone, cable, or network).

You set the pace.
Need to stop partway through a real estate continuing education course? No problem: the system remembers where you were, so you can resume later.

You interact with the learning - you don't just sit back.
In contrast with the more passive experience of a lecture, every online real estate continuing education class has been designed to keep you engaged, challenged, stimulated, and active. It's harder to tune out when you're making choices, watching a scenario play out, answering questions or playing games. We want the time to fly-and your head to buzz with ideas when you finish.

You choose real estate continuing education courses in formats that appeal to you.
We offer 3 different course formats:

  1. The CE Tutorial format brings some excitement to key concepts and in-depth information about a topic.
  2. The CE Scenario format takes a "problem-solving" approach to learning. You face realistic scenarios, including issues to be resolved. This format allows you to apply more than one concept simultaneously in a scenario with practical relevance to your day-to-day professional experience.
  3. The CE Presents... format is built around high-quality video presentations with special practical applications. You might go out on a video "sales call" with an experienced rep, or eavesdrop on a roundtable discussion amongst seasoned professionals. Every video clip is "wrapped" in learning activities for before or after the video.


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