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Final Exam

When you have successfully proceeded through the courses and met the course requirements, you will be presented with a final exam that combined with other in-course completion requirements; you must pass to receive continuing education credit.

The final exam can consist of either a combination of true/false and multiple-choice questions or only multiple-choice questions. In order to pass the exam and receive continuing education credits, you must correctly answer a minimum of 60% of the questions. Should you get a question incorrect, you will receive direction after the exam about which part of the course you should review.

The exam must be completed in one session. You cannot re-enter the same session at a later time. The exam is not downloadable nor is it printable. It must be completed and submitted for grading online during your exam session.

The maximum time allowed for the exam is approximately 1.5 minutes per question. On each exam question screen, there is a timer indicating the amount of time remaining in your exam session. There are no additional warnings to indicate the end of the exam session. Your exam session will time-out and automatically disconnect after the allotted amount of time, regardless of whether the exam is complete or not. Should your session be timed-out, your score out of the total number of questions will be scored and will count toward either a pass or a fail.

In the event that you do not achieve a pass mark of 60% or better, you have unlimited attempts to complete the exam.