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Get Real Estate Continuing Education Credits in New Brunswick

You have to do it. You need "CE Credits."

You will find everything you need to get real estate continuing education credits right here at CE Network. But we think you deserve more than just real estate continuing education credits.

We give you practical, engaging learning experiences, as well as real estate continuing education credits.
We believe mandatory continuing education should be more than a "hoop" that you jump through because you have to satisfy a regulator. CE Network Inc. seeks to provide a high level of practical learning, wrapped inside a valuable and engaging experience, in order to help you move along your career path as an accredited professional. Our courses will keep you current and confident in a fast-changing work environment...and earn you the continuing education credits and career success you want.

We also track your results according to regulatory requirements.
As a qualified and approved body for real estate continuing education delivery to professionals, CE Network also tracks and reports results according to specific regulatory requirements.

  1. Every time you complete a real estate continuing education course online, you are instructed on how to collect your completion certificate from CE Network, and how to report your credit based on your industry regulations.
  2. The CE Network Learning Management System (LMS) is specially designed to help you manage your past, present and future Continuing Education activities. Each time you log in to the CE Network LMS, your customized home page will remind you of the status of continuing education credits you are taking with CE Network.
  3. CE Network maintains accurate records of continuing education completion on a per-person basis - since professionals may be 'audited' for their continuing education credits each year.
  4. CE Network's future vision is a complete continuing education management system. We hope to provide a comprehensive online solution to help professionals to track the continuing education credits required, and choose among the courses available, to satisfy requirements for their designation(s).

Mandatory continuing education is a unique educational field with unique needs.
Many organizations that provide mandatory continuing education today specialize in providing other kinds of learning. For instance, academic institutions and associations are primarily geared to provide degrees and designations. In other words, their specialty is helping a learner acquire a new degree or professional designation. This is the key first step in a professional career - but very different from Continuing Education. Alternately, corporations that deliver mandatory continuing education sometimes focus on the company's needs first, and the needs of the individual second. In continuing eduction, the goal is honing specific skills and knowledge, and improving the individual learner's ability to apply them in "real-life" job situations.

CE Network Inc. specializes in the unique field of mandatory continuing education
We see mandatory continuing education as very different from learning provided by academia/associations, and from traditional training or online information services:

  1. Our purpose at CE Network Inc. is to do one thing: help individual professionals to succeed in their career by providing them with practical, engaging, online continuing education. Delivering top-quality mandatory continuing education is our sole focus.
  2. In support of this goal, we excel in bringing together superior educational content with superior presentation, using state-of-the-art technology and fully exploiting the online medium. We firmly believe that there is no one who can do it as well as we can-and we invite you to explore our courses, and see the difference for yourself. View Our Real Estate Continuing Education Courses for New Brunswick.


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