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Better Instructional Design

CE Network has invested heavily in bringing together the top online instructional designers.

So what does an instructional designer do?
An instructional designer is a specialist in translating content into an engaging and successful learning experience. The Senior Instructional Designer (SID) is like the director of a movie, directing the team that will develop a course. Here is an overview of this role:

  1. Take top-notch content from our network of experts and practitioners. Our research staff gathers the "right" content from the "right" and most up-to-date sources.

  2. Determine what content "makes the cut." This includes deciding which course format - CE Tutorial, CE Scenario, or CE Presents - will best serve the needs of learners.

  3. Apply adult learning principles, interactivity design, and liberal doses of innovation and creativity.
    At this point, the SID coordinates a team of highly skilled graphic artists, designers, writers, and subject matter experts. They validate the content, and design the "script" for a learning experience that incorporates words, graphics, animations, audio and video. All of these combined will create an interactive learning experience.

  4. Transform this into a total online learning experience that meets clear learning objectives.
    The team brings in additional experts as needed, in order to build an interactive course in the format most appropriate for the subject, in this case real estate continuing education. After careful review, the script is produced. Finally, the Development Team applies the latest technology, in order to bring the online continuing education courses to life. The result is "CE that works": a online continuing education course that is engaging, interesting, and applicable to your day-to-day professional experience.


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