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Online real estate continuing cducation provides real benefits only when it helps you to learn about things that matter - things that you can use in building your career. Our process ensures that this is the case with every CE Network real estate continuing education course.

Our Process for Selecting and Refining Real Estate Continuing Education Course Topics

  1. Choose topics through feedback from Real Estate Professionals, focus groups, our experts, and students in our real estate continuing education courses. Whatever topic is deemed most important-is the subject that we will develop next. We constantly revise this list.

  2. Identify and acquire the freshest, most topical, most relevant content for that topic. In many cases, this means authoring brand-new content. In some cases, we update existing content, and significantly re-structure or re-format it to meet your needs.

  3. Test each piece of content for immediate practicality:
    We ask these questions:
    How does this help Real Estate Professionals to:
    1. Increase client satisfaction, or get new clients?
    2. Save money?
    3. Make money?

  4. Test course content on behalf of regulators and the outside public.
    To anticipate regulators' concerns about validating a course, we ask these questions:
    • How does this real estate continuing education course contribute to the greater good of the Real Estate Professional?
    • How does this real estate continuing education course contribute to the greater good of protecting the New York consumer?

    If the answer is, "It doesn't" . . . then we throw it out.

  5. Refine course content repeatedly.
    This is the only way to ensure that this content:
    • Remains topical, practical, and/ or immediately useful to Real Estate Professionals, and
    • Continues to meet the needs of regulators and the US public, including New York.


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