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Continuing Education Requirements

Texas Real Estate Commission

Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) Requirements (for Individual Brokers and for Salespersons who have satisfied SAE requirements.

Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) refers to the Real Estate License Act's continuing education requirement of 15 classroom hours (6 hours of which are the approved Legal & Ethics courses) to be completed during each two-year renewal period.

Proof of Course Completion
Upon course completion, real estate licensees will be required to print, complete, sign, and date a statement, MCE Form 9-8, that they have personally completed each module of the learning program.

The CE Network Provider and Course Approval numbers, the Start Date of Course, and the Date of Course Completion boxes are pre-filled for you. Note: You will not receive credits for at least 24 hours after you have finished the course. See TREC 24-Hour Course Completion Rule below.

This MCE Form 9-8 form must be faxed to CE Network at 1-866-444-1198. Upon receipt of your signed statement, CE Network will submit a record of your course completion to the Texas Real Estate Commission.

TREC 24-Hour Course Completion Rule
According to TREC, a licensee who takes an online MCE course will not be allowed to complete an online course in less than 24 hours. If a licensee has paid their renewal fee and begins an online MCE course for renewal purposes on the day their license expires, credit will not be awarded for completing the course on that day (regardless of how many hours credit the course awards).

You do not need to complete a course within 24 hours—the rule simply means that you will not receive credits for at least 24 hours after you have finished the course. CE Network recommends starting your online courses early to ensure that you will receive credits for them.

CE Exemptions
A broker who, before October 31, 1991, qualified under The Real Estate License Act for an exemption from continuing education requirements is not required to comply with the mandatory continuing education requirements of this subchapter to renew the broker's license.

Contact Information
For more information about continuing education requirements, please contact the Texas Real Estate Commission by telephone at (512) 459-6544, by fax at (512) 465-3913, by e-mail at or by mail at:

Texas Real Estate Commission
P. O. Box 12188
Austin, TX 78711-2188

Approved Provider
Courses available from CE Network have been approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Continuing education credits are only available upon successful completion of all course requirements and submission of a signed "Proof of Course Completion" form.

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